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Who We Are

Families and Vox

Strength. Together.

We understand that family not only plays an irreplaceable role in the lives of our residents and participants, but also in supporting and caring for one another.

That’s why, ever since the first handful of parents came together to establish Edwards Center in 1972, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with families. We strongly believe in supporting each other, learning from one another and growing together.

The Family Support Network (FSN) comprises all parents, siblings and guardians of Edwards Center participants.  One or two FSN members serve on Vox as advocates and representatives for each locations.

The mission of Vox (Latin for "voice") is to champion excellence in the services provided by Edwards Center. Each member represents an Edwards Center location or service – helping to ensure that every facet of the organization will have a voice.  This advisory group is an essential part of Edwards Center and we could not operate without them.

Vox meets every two months to share information and to hear updates from our Executive Director to insure that the wants and needs of our participants are being met.

Family members and guardians who would like further information can email

Services Represented by Vox

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