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Residential Services

Residential Services

Residential Services

We strive to create a family-like atmosphere in our residences, be they single family homes, duplexes, or apartments.

Staff in our group homes work to provide customized supports to respond to an individual's specific needs and life goals.  Our guiding principal is to build the skills necessary for independent living to the extent that a person's abilities allow.  In fact, many of our residents are able to cook, clean, garden, and manage money with minimal assistance from staff.

For those who live independently or at home with family we offer personal finanance management, community inclusion, medication monitoring and other services as needed.

FAQ's for residential services:

  1. What does it cost to participate?  Medicaid pays for the cost of care.  Residents make basic room and board payments.
  2. Is there a waitlist?  We look for goodness of fit and therefore do not keep a "traditional" waitlist.  We keep an "interested parties" list.  If we do not have an opening, we encourage people to get involved in our other services.
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