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To enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities by helping them reach their highest potential through training, education, employment, housing and social opportunities in safe, healthy and stimulating environments.

Our Impact

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Edwards Center has been placing a number of our participants in jobs in our local community. We will be posting short articles here as people begin work (or have been working a while).

Roxanne has been working at the Racquet Club for almost a full year now. She is their best and only dishwasher! She also helps with food prep and other kitchen duties.

Jason began working at Gaylord Industries in January of this year. He loves his new job assembling ventilation units for big restaurants and businesses.

Richard has been working at Ross' Dress For Less for several months now. He enjoys tagging shoes and running racks to the showroom floor for display.

  • When your business chooses Edwards Enterprises, you’re doing much more than solving critical business needs. You’re keeping jobs in Oregon and you’re helping Oregonians with disabilities find and maintain meaningful, self-affirming employment.

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