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Volunteers are integral to Edwards Center

We have many different types of volunteer opportunities.  Some of the tasks are for a single person, but many can be performed by a group of friends, office colleagues, or an organization.  Take a minute to review the sample list below.  If you find one of interest or have ideas of your own, complete the application form and we'll get in touch.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

  • Work with Participants on Tasks

    If you want to work directly with our participants, take some time to help them complete work at Edwards Enterprises or work on an activity during the day programs in Aloha or Milwaukie.

  • Teach a Class

    Work with our participants 1 or 2 hours, once a week in your area of expertise.

  • Quality Control Checker

    This is a unique opportunity to volunteer at our production site Edwards Enterprises, where you spot check the work of our participants who are working there.

  • Office Administrative Help

    Our community centers and Edwards Enterprises may have some general office work or computer input needs. Let us know if you are interested.

  • Assist at Participant Parties/Events

    We hold parties and events at our Aloha and Milwaukie locations many times throughout the year. Help decorate, serve, chaperon for Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day to name a few. Join us on outings to sports events, clam digging, or even a visit to the zoo.

  • Fundraising Event Workers

    We hold a number of evening and weekend fundraising events throughout the year. Come greet, serve, decorate or do setup or tear down work a few times a year.

  • Garden/Grounds Maintenance

    Many of our homes and centers have fabulous grounds or places for gardens. If this is a passion of yours, come share it with our participants.

  • Building Painting (Indoor/Outdoor)

    Since we operate more than 15 facilities, there is always home improvement projects like painting to be done. Bring a team from your company for a few hours.

  • Adopt-A-Highway Helper

    Work with our participants with street clean-up twice a year at our Aloha Community Center

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